October 28, 2004

Aleksandr Klimov, Darya Dolgopolova, Ilona Bolotova

These beautiful collaged self portraits come from Russia. I believe all of these young artists are 9 years old. An email quote follows. Thank you very much Aleksandr, Darya, and Ilona. Also thanks you Vitaly, these are a welcome addition to this exhibit.

> > Hi, once again!
> >
> > I from Russia. I from small city on Ural.
> > I and my friends we are engaged in creativity, I
> > work at children's art school.
> >
> > Children whom I teach have decided to send you the
> > pictures.

creative union OSTROGA
Vitaly Maklakov,
c.Kamensk Uralsky,
Sverdlovsk reg.,
623430, P.O. Box 38,

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Syl said...

Lovely! See what you
have inspired, Mike!