January 01, 2005

eXmaSscard from Geof Huth & family

This small book has a tranquil minimalist beauty. The cover is a diamond patterned translucent vellum. The inner pages are a deep eggplant purple. The pages are bound with a Japanese stab binding using a khaki colored thread knotted on the inside. All of the words are hand written inside with a light colored pencil, the contrasting light color and the unique luster of the pencil combine to give the words a luminous floating glimmer.
One of the interesting things about the words inscribed on the inner pages is that they can be read in two ways, across the tops of two pages or one page at a time and still the meaning remains the same.
I feel very lucky to have received this special book. My thanks to Geof and his family.


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Geof Huth said...


Thanks for the listing. This piece is pretty difficult to scan. I had to give up on the cover entirely--tho you did a good job.

I can't believe that I misspelled your name as "Mitch" and THEN drew an arrow to the C instead of the T!

My description of this piece is here: http://pdqb.blogspot.com/2004/12/pdqb-103-idea-of-snow.html