September 28, 2004

M. Hutchinson

This collage style portrait arrived today. It contains photographs, tissue paper, note paper, and blue metalic paint that might be nail polish. Thank you M. for this interesting piece.

M. Hutchison
821 Duryea Pl.
Room 223
Peoria, Il 61606

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Ruud Janssen said...

Hi Mick,

Nice exhibition here. yes, it is fun to recieve a lot of mail-art. I will send you soon a sample of my acrylic painted envelopes. Just for fun....

It is nice to see how much pleasure you have with 4 envelopes on one day. If the amount grows, so will the pleasure? (I remember that my record is 42 pieces of mail-art on a single day. Couldn't deal with such amounts though.....)

Ruud Janssen