September 17, 2004

Self Portrait Mail Art Exhibit

Self Portrait Mail Art Exhibit

You are invited to submit mail art on the theme "Self Portrait"
Size should be 8.5 x 11 inches or smaller. Postcard size is best.
You may interpret your self portrait any way you like.
Documentation will be in the form of an online Blog.

There will be no returns.
Deadline is October 20, 2004

artwork may be mailed (the old fashioned way) or emailed (try
to keep file size under 500kb)

Self Portrait Show
Mick Boyle
P.O. Box 364
Conneaut Lake, PA 16316 USA

1 comment:

michael said...

Great idea Mick. I dont know why more mail artists don't have blogs. they are such a great resource and free too! I shall send you my self portrait very soon. All the best with your project!