April 24, 2005

"Bad Cropping" Photobook PDF

Here is a book of my photographs in .pdf form. Please be aware that the file is 2 megabytes in size, and may take a while to download if you have a slower internet connection.

Click Here to download 2 MB file


frips said...

hi mick,
love your booklet, lay-out and cropping!
is it staying in computer files or will you also print it out?
best, f

Mick Boyle said...

I designed it to be viewed on a computer screen, like an ebook. It's possible that it might be printed some day. I am glad you like it. Thanks.

bilby said...

Really enjoyed your book. I see what you mean about the difficulty of purposefully "miscropping" photos. I guess it must be because of the range of response to subtle shapes. Even tho traditional compositional devices have been avoided, I could not help but note the elegant negative shapes in each photo. Makes one think about design differently.
Great book, thanks for giving us a chance to see it.
bill b.