April 11, 2005

Why I love Mail Art

This is what I pulled from my post office box today. I feel joyful to get mail like this. Today I got mail from Venice, Schenectady, Osaka, Espoo and Berkeley. And even though I have never met these artists in person, it feels like getting mail from a friend. I feel so grateful for this mail art network. Thanks to every artist that has mailed me their work. It's my pleasure to be part of this global community.


DrFluxbuxenstein said...

hear, here! Very well put. I get the same feeling you described so well when I visit my mailbox to find mail art friends' work and play miraculously showing up there. It's just the best.

michael said...

Likewise, when after days of what can only be described as "JUnk Mail" and you feel like jacking it all in you get a pile of stuff similar to this and your faith in the mail art world is restored. Long may it continue!