December 29, 2004

Blog of the Day

I found out through an email that this blog has been chosen by Blogliners for Blog of the Day. It is nice to be noticed.

State of Being 2005 Card

From State of Being (AKA Reid Wood) An electronic New Year Card. Wow. 2005! Shouldn't we all be flying around in rocket cars by now?

December 26, 2004

Mick Boyle & Kiyotei

First, I made a Christmas card, emailed it and posted it to a yahoo mail art group. Then along comes trickster Kiyotei and reinterprets it wonderfully. Fun huh?

Elizabeth Zois

Thanks Elizabeth for this funny holiday card

Clemente Padin "Fraternalmente - Fraternally"

From our friend Clemente Padin a beautiful holiday animation. Thanks.

December 14, 2004

2 From Roy Arenella

Here are two photographic self portraits from Roy Arenella. The first one could be a modern petroglyph, the second one feels enclosed and mysterious. It seems to show the interior of something Roy's image through a vertical window. I am glad to get these.

Photomail - Arenella
Box 750187
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Ross Priddle

Ross sends this by email. He tells me that this portrait was taken by his 7 year old son Luke and was manipulated by Mark Sonnenfeld. Thanks Ross. The link below will take you to his blog "The 5 Million Copies Project" (or is it 5 Gazillion by now?)

Ross Priddle.
Imp press
21 Valleyview Drive SW
Medicine Hat, Alberta, E1A 7K5

December 13, 2004

Ruggero Maggi

More from Ruggero. The first is xeroxed with attached stamp. The next one is a set of four large black stamps. Thanks.

Ruggero Maggi
Corso Sempione n. 67
20149 Milano

December 08, 2004

Vittore Baroni

Here we have a collaged self portrait from Vittore. I wish I had a pair of 3D glasses here to look at this one.

Vittore Baroni
Via C. Battisti 339
55049 Viareggio

December 05, 2004

Ruud Janssen

Here is a portrait composed of slices from the prolific mailartist Ruud Janssen. Be sure to check out his website and blog.

Ruud Janssen
Travelling Art Mail & IUOMA
P.O. Box 10388
5000 JJ Tilburg

December 04, 2004

3Photo mini book (.PDF)

click here to download book (180kb)

I am trying something new. This is a small book of my digital photographs. It is in PDF form. Just click the link to download and view it. This is the first time I have tried this, so, feedback would be welcome.

Petrovic Predrag

"Queen of Mail" is the title of this piece. I think it comes from Yugoslavia.

Aleksandra Ivanova

Here is a beautiful self portrait from 12 year old Aleksandra Ivanova. I think she likes makeup. Thank you Aleksandra.

November 07, 2004

C.Z. Lovecraft

I love this one. This blue envelope was stuffed full of all sorts of interesting things. I had to decide which one was a self portrait, I hope I got it right. Included among these was the first ATC (artist trading card) I have ever received (Yes! this is a hint, send me more.) Thanks for this abundant mail art treasure.

C. Z. Lovecraft
2018 Cranworth Circle
San Jose, CA 95121

Russell Manning

This is a combination of pen and ink and rubber stamps. He has transformed the envelope into a beautiful and enigmatic all over landscape.

Russell Manning
818 Westmount Ave.
Dallas, TX 75211-2513

Maxi Boyd

October 28, 2004

Ian Short

It's heartwarming to have you take part in this Ian, before we met. I had never even heard of mail art. Thanks.

Paul Tiilila "1952 Self Portrait"

Paul Tiilila
Kuusitie 4
36600 Palkane

Aleksandr Klimov, Darya Dolgopolova, Ilona Bolotova

These beautiful collaged self portraits come from Russia. I believe all of these young artists are 9 years old. An email quote follows. Thank you very much Aleksandr, Darya, and Ilona. Also thanks you Vitaly, these are a welcome addition to this exhibit.

> > Hi, once again!
> >
> > I from Russia. I from small city on Ural.
> > I and my friends we are engaged in creativity, I
> > work at children's art school.
> >
> > Children whom I teach have decided to send you the
> > pictures.

creative union OSTROGA
Vitaly Maklakov,
c.Kamensk Uralsky,
Sverdlovsk reg.,
623430, P.O. Box 38,

October 26, 2004


This is a beautifully crafted piece. It is rubberstamped and stitched with white thread. On the address side is a small artist stamp which is also a self portrait. Thanks Frips.

Halvemannstraat 113
B - 9040 Gent

Ruggero Maggi "Dada Self Portrait"

Ruggero Maggi
Corso Sempione n.67
20149 Milano

Thru Your Eyes

Collaged, xeroxed, stickered, stamped, with glorious kitty whiskers.

Thru Your Eyes
Mail Art - Mixed Media
Box 2071
Corrales, NM 87048

Bonnie Nadine Newman

Greg Edwards "Slipping Through Time"

October 24, 2004

Scott Thomas

I am stunned, taken aback, taken in three other directions, over this one! Scott has taken an ordinary Thank You card and transformed it into this masterpiece. I am not even sure which one of these creatures represents him. Maybe all, or maybe none of them. Anyway, thanks to all the faeries, pixies, sprites, aliens, and humans involved.

Scott Thomas
P. O. Box 4088
Lexington, KY 40544

Ruud Janssen

From the Legendary Ruud Janssen. I love his hand painted envelope. It makes me want to try painting one myself. Check Ruud's 'International Union Of Mail Artists' (IUOMA) in my links section.

Ruud Janssen / TAM-Publications
P. O. Box10388
5000 JJ Tilburg

David Stone

David Stone
The Carolina
112 W. University Pkwy. #1C
Baltimore, MD 21210

Christine Dorothea Maris

Collaged with applied stickers, this self portrait also seems to be a cat portrait as well, and is full of Halloween symbols.

Christine Dorothea Maris
1555 Hayes St. Apt. A101
San Francisco, CA 94117

David Cammack

This is a very ghostly portrait.

David Cammack
P.O. Box 15208
Portland, OR 97293 USA


No return address or email with this one.