September 30, 2004

Nice Nice Boyles With Bubble Gum

Here is a digital piece from RRrainrien. The first view is the whole piece reduced. In the second I have it full size (to show detail) but divided to fit horizontally. Rainrien must be a very savvy internet user. Thank you very much for this.

---quoted from RRrainrien's email---
Dear Aura Pink Bright,

Thankyou ever so much for introducing Mick Boyle into my Paper Dolly Crumple

" itz like Sufferin' Suffacatingtash "

Anyone Who Communicates Less and Still Covers More may never be found...

Still... very, very still.

Also ; wink blink any more ideas for what to WEAR
For My HOLY PAPER DOLLY ( you know the one I'm typing about )

LOVE and run from LAVA
rain rien neverLavaLamp
---end of quote---


From RainRien Neverexplain

quote from RRrainrien email

My New Chinese New Wear Name is :  Chain Jet

  Thankyou for selecting My New Chinese Unaware Name

  Wee will sew it on all of our unawares and SING

  "EYE EYE EYE Like the Angel in "Aid-Gulls in America"  caw caw uff

  The Gulf is only as wide as the ULF SPREADS SHEETS.

  FIND DOUBT what the U. L. F. is quick and get back to MICK or Kcimboy !

  F. U. L. L. F. T. H. R.OO T. L. E. AHEAD     Happy    Froth    Year

    rain rien nevermind FLUFFS A HEAD

September 28, 2004

A. 1 Waste Paper Co. Ltd.

This card is adorned with rubber stamps, stickers, and collaged elements. A very nice piece. Thank you Michael.

Eddie Nero - 2 pieces

Here are two pieces with lots of vintage and artist's stamps on them. Thanks Eddie.

M. Hutchinson

This collage style portrait arrived today. It contains photographs, tissue paper, note paper, and blue metalic paint that might be nail polish. Thank you M. for this interesting piece.

M. Hutchison
821 Duryea Pl.
Room 223
Peoria, Il 61606

Clemente Padin

Clemente mentioned in his email that there has been a postal strike in Uruguay for the last 50 days. So he was unable to mail his self portrait. Thank you for sending this piece despite the obstacles.

Clemente Padin

September 27, 2004

State of Being # 2

Number two from State of Being. I have tried to figure out what this thing is on his head. I even tried inverting the colors in photoshop and I still can't tell. Mmmm, it might have to remain a mystery.

Kiyotei "Dog Spirit Self Portrait"

Here is an interesting piece, this dog seems to be enlightened. On the other side lots of tiki stuff and stamps.

Claudio Romeo

Inside this beautifully decorated envelope Claudio's self portrait, plus stamps and a small artwork. This is great.

Claudio Romeo
Viale J. e R. Kennedy, 144
20050 Villa Raverio (Mi)

John M. Bennett

This comes from another longtime mailart correspondent of mine. Visit John's amazing website here:

State of Being

This is from a longtime mailart friend from Ohio. This is the first postcard to arrive for this show in my post office box. Thanks Reid.


This is an invitation postcard I mailed to an old friend (and the man that introduced me to mail art). It is also a self portrait with me as Barbie.

Ruined By Dada

I made this card for Francoise Andre's show Dada's Story.
Here's the link: http://

September 21, 2004

Frips "Self Portrait ATC"

This is a self portrait in the form of an ATC (artist trading card) from Frips in Belgium. You can find the URL printed on the back of the card.

Francoise Andre "autportrait01"

Here is the first self portrait. It comes from Francoise Andre in Belgium.

Please check out Francoise's show by clicking the following links.


ps : you are invited to participate at "Dada's story" (my call). You
can see all the details at :

September 17, 2004

Self Portrait Mail Art Exhibit

Self Portrait Mail Art Exhibit

You are invited to submit mail art on the theme "Self Portrait"
Size should be 8.5 x 11 inches or smaller. Postcard size is best.
You may interpret your self portrait any way you like.
Documentation will be in the form of an online Blog.

There will be no returns.
Deadline is October 20, 2004

artwork may be mailed (the old fashioned way) or emailed (try
to keep file size under 500kb)

Self Portrait Show
Mick Boyle
P.O. Box 364
Conneaut Lake, PA 16316 USA