July 29, 2020

David Peniston

Digital enhancement of house fly image

July 26, 2020

Maxima Strange

Memento Mori
First submission to the BUG show

July 05, 2020

P. Stellaria

Collaged card on marbled paper with little peeks of, I think, Ray Johnson. It is lovely.


Bruno Andrews

This is a thick wooden postcard with collage, paint, stamping and foil. More from an IUOMA member.

Jenn Miltenberger

This is a from another IUOMA member. It is watercolor or ink, marker and paint. It looks like cosmic teeth. I love it.

July 02, 2020

@Milicent210 - Milicent Fambrough

This is two mailings from @Milicent210. They are both vibrant paper collage postcards. 

Mother Brando

This is a beautiful original from my IUOMA friend Mother Brando


Thank you Stangroom. You are my faithful mailart buddy.