September 18, 2005

One Year Anniversary

I started this blog one year ago yesterday. In that time over 11800 people from 98 countries (hello Moldova!) have visited this site. Thank you to all the artists that have contributed their artwork, you have helped make this site a success.


Hanny Qargra

Danny Hidzwan

Raluca Oana Baciu

September 12, 2005

Anti-Robot Inundation Army "Kool-Aide"

This is such a beautiful card. It is a limited edition block print. Thank you. And please, everyone, do not obey the robot!

Danny Hilman

September 09, 2005

Alp Ucar + Pesent Dogan + Sehnaz Yalcin Wells

These three arrived via email from Istanbul, they were sent by Alp Ucar. He sent a sample of his digital art and also artwork from two of his friends. Very interesting work from these artists.

September 05, 2005

September 03, 2005

Dan Waber "MB"

Latuff "Hiroshima Stamp"

J. Lee "I've Always Wondered..."

1407 E. Boston Drive
Boise, ID 83706 USA

Very conceptual piece of mailart. Does it have one side? two sides? two stamps? the same message? Which side is the front? I love this one.

Ms. Barbara G. Korb

Ruud Janssen "Self Portrait"

Another lovely card from Ruud.


This digital postcard just arrived. Thanks J.