November 22, 2006

November 06, 2006

"Moonrise" Pinkey Bethyl

Pinkey Bethyl from San Francisco emailed this postcard.
Here's what I like about this image. At first glance, it looks like a foggy view of a city, but then you realize those are trees not buildings. There is a mysterious unfocused image hovering behind the fog. I can't make it out, but it looks something like a head or face. Birds, maybe crows or ravens, are flying through this enigmatic landscape. There are some dark areas near the bottom, the whole composition looks smoky or foggy, dreamlike maybe. And then there is the moon. The sad faced, world weary, aspirin-like moon. It all combines to make a moody intriguing image.

August 26, 2006


Oh my dear Frips, It is always a pleasure to receive on of your delicate hand stitched artworks. Thank you. This one looks like a small girl outside in the snow under a bare tree, she is thinking or daydreaming about christmas and has a vision of santa claus as all around her there are swirling iridescent snowflakes of joy.

Joseph Cornell

NeoCornellian perhaps?


PO Box 25113
Seattle, WA 98165

August 05, 2006

August 04, 2006

Rafique Sulayman

Rafique Sulayman
mail artist

August 03, 2006

Cuan Miles

I think this is the first piece of mail art I have ever received from South Africa. Thank for this interesting collage piece Cuan.

July 24, 2006

Thomai Kontou

It's so amazing this came in the mail. I am leaving tomorrow to spend a week in Ponce Inlet, Florida the only place I have ever seen dolphins. Thank you so much Thomai, these two pieces are oceanically beautiful.

May 30, 2006